County Commission sends trans-inclusive ordinance to committee

trans_save_dade_logo-01.pngThe Miami-Dade County Commission yesterday sent to committee a proposal to amend the preexisting County’s Human Rights Ordinance to create new protections in housing, employment, and public accommodations for people who are transgender in the domains of housing, employment, and public accommodations.

“As more transgender people live openly, education and acceptance are essential to ensure that people who are transgender do not experience a heightened level of discrimination or prejudice,” said SAVE Dade Executive Director CJ Ortuño.

SAVE Dade is encouraged by the 11-1 vote in favor of referral of the proposal to the Health and Social Services Committee. The committee, chaired by co-prime sponsor Audrey Edmonson (District 3) will take up debate on the proposal during the second week of July. 

"I've stood for fairness and equality all my life. Discrimination is discrimination wherever you may find it.  This legislation addresses the omission of transgender individuals from the Miami-Dade County ordinance which prohibits discrimination in housing, public accommodations and employment based on gender identity or expression.  Discrimination is wrong.  I will continue to work to root our intolerance and prejudice from our communities," said Edmonson. 

Florida remains one of 34 states with laws that allows for individuals to be fired, evicted, or denied services simply for being transgender. Because state and federal safeguards against discrimination of transgender people do not exist, it is left up to local government to stand up for the community and provide these basic protections.

“A society that fosters acceptance and embraces our differences attracts more business and makes Miami-Dade an attractive place for all people. This ordinance does exactly that,” said Miami-Dade County Commissioner and co-prime sponsor Bruno Barreiro (District 5).

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